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Tomáš Třeštík


Graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), already during his studies he lined up with the most respected Czech photographers, with his work exhibited on several occasions. At the same time he became one of the most prolific Czech commercial photographers. For two years his photos were published on the cover page of Reflex Magazine. Now he cooperates with Helena Třeštíková at several documentary projects of hers.


Jan Foukal



He is the head of a civic association dedicated to the idea of re-launching art cinemas that have recently been closed: KINO OTEVŘENO! (CINEMA OPEN!) He is currently shooting an auctorial feature documentary which contemplates upon the developement of the Czech society with the  background of a US movie about the Velvet Revolution shot on the day when two decades since the fall of the communist regime were celebrated – it takes place on the Národní třída, the boulevard where students were beaten by the police, November 1989, and its title is: THE MAKING OF. In production with Hana Třeštíková and with the dramaturgy of Jan Gogola, jr., he's preparing a TV documentary series with the working title NAŠI EMIGRANTI DNES (OUR EMIGRANTS TODAY), on the subject of Czech emigrants worldwide. Furthermore, he does the cabaret revue ČERVENÁ FEDMA (THE RED SWINE), he's forming a soloist musical project FUKINO, and is an external member of a theater called Vosto5 while (still) performing with the musical group DIKTÁT.
His documentary films at FAMU:Na druhé koleji (2007), Ahoj Babu (2008), Poslední přednáška Egona Bondyho (2009) (The Last Lecture of Egon Bondy). Clips:ID's for TV Barrandov (winter/spring 2009), Theme music for the New Scene of the National Theater


Jan Hromádko



Is an educated economist and computer-scientist. The less he is formally instructed in the profession of photography the more of an enthusiast he is for basically any kind of photography. Reportage, landscape, industrial landscape, film, theater, music, portraits, fashion, weddings, sport, corporate... To name a few examples, he has worked on two feature films (Anglické jahody, Piko) aand many other smaller film projects. On a regular basis, he works for Mighty Freezine and Archa Theater.He has twice exhibited his photographs independently in Prague and in České Budějovice.


Profil and portfolio: http://www.janhromadko.com/

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