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JIŘÍ SMETANA - directed by Jan Foukal, 2010, 27 min / Jiří Smetana emigrated in the year 1971 to the paris, where he became well known DJ and afterwards he became a manager of the famous club GIBUS. He was allso a manager of Věra Bílá and Kale for several years after the velvet revolution.


PRAGUE, directed by Hana Třeštíková, 2009, 10 min. / A documentary about homsickness in the metropolis of London. Looking for Prague!

O DOMĚ, directed by Bohdan Bláhovec, FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague), 2008 / A documentary ego-musical with a handicap, The Story of a House, of What Used to Be in It, and of What Is in It Today

TRVALÉ BYDLIŠTĚ PRAHA (PERMANENT RESIDENCE PRAGUE), directed by Ivo Bystřičan, FAMU, 2008, 27 min. / A documentary about the world of the Prague homeless poeple

KDO CHCE ZABÍT ASHLEY, directed by Bohdan Bláhovec, 2007, FAMU, 20 min. / A little superficial reportage from the big superficial world of the Czech pornbiz / Best Documentary of the Famufest 2007 Award / Special prize of the jury, Finale 2008

SIKORA, directed by Ivo Bystřičan, FAMU, 2007, 38 min. / Malý osobní marketingový epos

DREAMING CRYSTALS - directed by Juande Marfiel Atienza, FAMU, 2007 / Animated picture


MY Z KLUBŮ – from the series When you must, you must,  directed by Tomáš Třeštík, Czech TV, 2002, 20 min
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