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TWO MEN AMID THE TURMOIL OF TIME / Jakub Špalek: Life with the Jasper - a Helena Třeštíková longitudinal documentary, to be finished in 2013, 85 min. / Longitudinal documentary film was shot for over 23 years. Film observes life of an theatrical director Jakub Špalek. First days of the shooting were during autumn 1989 when Jakub became one of the initiator of the Velvet Revolution. Jakub's dream was to open his own theatre that became true and Jakub now is a chief of theatre Jasper in Prague. Film catches not only difficult times of a man who tries to success with independent theatre stage but also his turbulent private life filled with love and drama. 


TWO MEN AMID THE TURMOIL OF TIME / Vojta Lavička: Up and down - a Helena Třeštíková longitudinal documentary, to be finished in 2012, 88 min. / Longitudinal documentary film was shot for past 16 years and the main protagonist is Roman musician and activist Vojta Lavička. Vojta is a master in violin play, who focuses not only on music but also deals with problems of his origin Roman nationality. Vojta is very active in media - he worked in the national radio and television, he worked in the NGO that organize street work for Roman ghettos around the Czech republic, Vojta worked also as a social worker. All together we can watch him struggling with the main topic of his life - his national minority and problems that are caused by living next to Czech majority. Aside this topic films discovers Vojta's private life and his fight for being a good musician and a good man. 

PRIVATE UNIVERSE - a Helena Třeštíková longitudinal documentary, finished in 2012, 90 min./

Film Private Universe deals with the passing of time. Honza was born in 1974 in Czechoslovakia into the careless era of real socialism. At that time, his parents Jana and Petr had no apartment of their own. They occupied one room in the apartment od Jana's divorced mother and of her widowed grandmother. When their first child was born, Petr began to write a family chronicle - forty years of one family, framed by milestones of births, studies, job and moving of its members. After all these years petr still continues to write their chronicle…Who are we, where do we come from and where do we go?

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Further in preparation:


- sequels to the feature films released in the cinemas MARCELA (2007), RENÉ (2008) a KATKA (2010)
- sequel to the TV series MARRIAGE STORRRIES AFTER 20 YEARS
- follow-up to the projects WOMEN IN THE TIMEBÁRA B., NURSES
- new projects for longitudinal documentaries with the working titles ANY and MALLORY

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