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MARRIAGE STORIES: NEW GENERATION (working title) full-length documentary film, directed by Hana Třeštíková, release 2016, 90 min.


New millennium, new generation, new stories...



CZECH CALENDAR (working title) full-length documentary, directed by Hana Třeštíková, release 2012,30 min.


This is a longitudinal documentary which portrays the preparatory phase of Michal Horáček s musical project The Czech Calendar that offers an opportunity for any authors interested in composing music. The documentary focuses on the story of Hynek, among others, who is employed in one of the electric plants at Třinec and who dreams of composing a song one day that will be broadcast on the radio stations. His dream will perhaps be fulfilled thanks to the project of The Czech Calendar. And we will be there to see it.


THE KOFOLA CHILDREN - longitudinal documentary film, directed by Hanka Ludvíková, release 2015, 80 min.


This documentary is intended to deal with the thematics of children who are at the point of leaving the children s home. It will represent a longitudinal portrait of three Roma children after they reach majority at the age of eighteen and it will follow them during a period of several years when they are faced with the necessity of effectuating, each with a different degree of support from their foster caretakers, the many steps toward their integration within adult society. The film is designed to witness the crucial events and decisive situations that await the children on their way to  independence and simultaneously to reflect upon those events in the form of intimate dialogue.


TEN YEARS (working title) - longitudinal documentary film, directed by Hanka Třeštíková,

release 2012, 90 min.


In 2001, they were five students at a Prague high school. They were young, naïve, just a few months before their final exams (baccalaureate). Ten years went by and they re not teenagers any more but adults with their own opinions and lives. The longitudinal film maps the life of several young people who share the same age and the same initial conditions in their life as adults.

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